Outdoor Climbing In Dorset

Portland and Swanage are great for outdoor climbing, being 2 hrs from London and with a wide variety of climbing grades and locations. With our team of highly professional and experienced staff we can take you to the best cliffs to suit your needs so that you can maximise your climbing potential. You will have an amazing day learning new skills. Full safety equipment is provided but do feel free to bring your own if you have it.

Quality Instructors

All the ‘action’ is supervised by highly qualified and experienced instructors and full safety equipment is provided.


Our outdoor climbing sessions are suitable for adults and children above 12yrs (see individual courses below for specific age ranges).

Outdoor Climbing Experience

Depending on how much fun and adventure you seek and the level of experience of your group, we select an appropriate location from our range of route to guarantee a suitably challenging experience.


Portland and Swanage

Introduction and Taster day for Climbing

£75 Per Person

Learning To Climb
With this fun, introductory day, the group members will learn the essentials of climbing on easy routes with a chance of climbing challenging routes later in the day. Our staff ratio is 1:6 to ensure participants have a fun learning experience.
Topics that will be covered are:
Equipment, Climbing Knots, Belaying, Climbing language/ communication and Climbing technique.
Duration – full day - 7 hours
Minimum group size is 2 participants. All participants must have a basic fitness and be over 12 years old.

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From Indoor Climbing to Outdoor Climbing

£75 Per Person

Indoor To Outdoor Climbing
For individuals with indoor climbing experience who want a first experience outside, we can offer you the chance of gaining enough information to go out climbing by yourselves on these easy routes. We will coach you to learn the ropes and encourage best practices. Also we will teach you on good technique and movement on real rock. Our staff ratio is 1:6 to guarantee that all individuals will have the opportunity to learn new skills.
Topics that will be covered are:
Belaying outside, Climbing outside, Route/ crag selection, Setting up top ropes and Choosing Local easy climbing areas.
Duration – full day- 7 hours
Minimum group size is 2 participants. All participants must have some indoor climbing experience and be over 14 years old.

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Learning to Lead

£75 Per Person (Non-Residential)

Learning To Lead
Choose from Learning to Lead on bolt protection or traditional climbing on leader placed gear. Our staff ratio for lead climbing is 1:4 to ensure all climbers can progress their climbing level with best practises being adhered to. All participants learn to lead on easy routes well within their climbing grade to maximise learning. Topics covered are:
Setting up belays, Route choice, Access, Anchor selection and current best practice.
Minimum group size is 2 participants. Min age 14 yrs
Duration 2 days/ 16 hours

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Self Rescue for Sea Cliffs

£75 Per Person

Sea Cliff Self Rescue
This course is designed with sea cliff climbing in mind. If you have climbed any sea cliff that you have to abseil in and climb out of, then this is the course for you. At the end of this course you will have a good basic understanding on what to do if things don’t go your way on a route next to the sea. A must for any keen adventurer! Topics that may be covered:
Ascending a rope safely
Descending ropes safely
Abseiling with an injured climber
Assisted pulleys
Tying off belays plates
Lowering past a knot
Please email for a list of pre-requirements for this course.
Minimum group size is 2 participants. Min age 16 yrs
Duration 1 days/ 8 hours

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Performance Coaching

£75 Per Person

Performance Coaching
This day is for individuals who want to improve their climbing grade. Aimed at developing boarder climbing skills (i.e. technique) or can focus on specific aspects such as footwork and the mental approach to climbing. Whatever your requirements we can create a bespoke day to ensure that you needs are met. If you have an area that you want to improve on, we can help you to overcome and take the next step. The staff ratio is 1:4 to maximise learning.
Minimum group size is 2 participants. Min age 14 yrs
Duration 7 hours

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Private Guided Outdoor Climbing

£150 Per Person

Private Guided Climbing
An exciting day for climbers who want to discover new climbing areas or routes: Our instructors will guide participants up some of the classic routes in the traditional areas such as Cattle Troughs and Boulder Ruckle. You will have the sole guidance of our highly experienced staff who will coach you on a climb of your choice. The staff ratio for guiding is 1:1 to ensure that participants will have their climbing horizon broadened!
Minimum group size is 1 participant. Min age 14 yrs
Duration 1 day

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Group sessions for schools/ youth groups


These group sessions are geared for stag and hen groups and can be adapted to suit your requirements.
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Dorset is home to England’s most popular outdoor climbing spots. All along its coast climbers can enjoy scenic beauty, history, and challenging routes. The bulk of Dorset’s coastline forms part of the Jurassic Coast Heritage Site, stretching over 155 kilometres from Studland to Exmouth. Throughout the coastline trails and cliffs, climbers can admire the intricate rock layers formed millions of years ago. Dorset climbing is definitely among the UK’s finest.

Towards Dorset’s southern point is located Britain’s famous Isle of Portland, a focal spot among climbers. Portland boasts of several miles worth of unbroken limestone cliffs: providing ample opportunity for several climbing styles including traditional climbing, sport climbing, and deep water solo climbing.

Highlights of Dorset climbing

Portland’s Lighthouse Area is a noteworthy cliff to mention. In keeping with its name, the site is located right next to the Lighthouse at Portland Bill. There are five separate climbing areas, including the Deep Zawn, best handled at high tide. This area has short routes and is ideal for short deep water soloing.

Dorset climbing also consists of cliffs along the coastline of Swanage, home of the popular cliff, Dancing Ledge. This cliff is about 1.5 kilometres south of the village of Langton Matravers. Dancing Ledge is divided into two main sites, the back walls and the lower walls. The back walls consist of primarily sport routes, catering more to the experienced climber. The lower walls consist of easier routes, which tend to be more popular during the summertime.

Another landmark for Dorset climbing is Swanage’s Blackers Hole. This challenging cliff is less than a kilometre west from Fisherman’s ledge. It consists of Polaris and Great Cave areas for the experienced climber. Due to seasonal bird nesting restrictions, there is no climbing from the 1st of March until July 31st. Blackers Hole contains some of the most beautiful roofed sections in its quarry areas; a must-see for the skilled climber.

Outdoor climbing and activities for all abilities

Dorset has literally dozens of cliffs to choose from, ranging from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. Climbers definitely should check out Fishermans Ledge, Beeston Cliff, St. Aldhelms Head, Southwell Landslips, Cheyne Wears Area, and Subliminal. These are some of the most enjoyed areas! As always recommended, do make sure to check the tide levels and times before heading out to the cliffs.

Between Portland and Swanage alone, the county has a variety of other sporting opportunities as well, including snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, rowing, and swimming. It’s not uncommon to plan a trip for climbing and water sports. Climbers should plan on taking advantage of the beaches along the western shoreline, especially during the summer months.

The Dorset climbing experience is definitely worthwhile. However, proper precautionary steps should always be taken. Outdoor climbers are encouraged to always use helmets and use caution as loose material can easily slip from the top of the cliffs. While the oceanic views are priceless, swimming in the open waters are not recommended unless it’s a very calm tide, as the strong waters can easily overcome even the experienced swimmer. Have fun and stay safe!

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Why Choose us?


  • The professional choice.
  • We have the longest and perfect safety record.
  • Our staff have the most experience, knowledge of the outdoor climbing areas of Dorset.
  • Highest qualified and current staff on the South coast.


  • We have the longest and perfect safety record on the south coast.
  • We have been coasteering in Swanage for over 14 years - the longest in the area.
  • We have 2 instructors with every group to maintain safety for coasteering.

The stuff you will need

  • Rucksack
  • Trainers (for the walk-in)
  • Food and water
  • Suncream
  • Medication