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    Dorset self rescue climbing course

    Dorset Climbing

    Our rock climbing courses in Swanage and Portland are the best! Our local climbing instructors and coaches have a massive breadth of experience and qualification so provide you with the greatest climbing adventure in Dorset. All our customers are super happy and we hold a google 5 star rating on Google.

    2022 prices are as follows UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED
    £185.00 1 person per day
    £190.00 2 people- £95.00 per person per day
    £225.00 3 people- £75.00 per person per day
    £280.00 4 people- £70.00 per person per day
    £325.00 5 people- £65.00 per person per day
    £360.00 6 people- £60.00 per person per day

    Intro to Climbing course

    Our introductory course to outdoor climbing. Dorset climbing is a great place to start and a good gift for an adventurous friend or family member.

    Never climbed before? You will be in safe hands. By the end of the climbing lesson you will have learnt enough climbing technique to be comfortable on some more challenging routes. You will learn about the different equipment required, how to tie climbing knots, belaying and some of the climbing lingo & communication skills required when climbing.

    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Swanage or Portland
    Group size: 1 to 8 people

    Indoor to Outdoor Climbing

    Have you had fun on the indoor climbing walls, but fancy getting out there climbing on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast? Then this course is perfect for you.

    During the day, you will be introduced to belaying outside, given guidance on how to choose your route/crag and instruction on how to set up top ropes. You will also be coached on your climbing technique. By the end of the climbing course will have learnt enough skills to confidently climb outside yourself in the future.

    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Swanage or Portland
    Group size: 1 to 8 people

    Learning to Lead courses

    Learn to Sport climb on Portland
    On this Portland sport climbing course you will learn to lead on bolts well within you comfort zone. During the day you will cover topics such as cliff access, clipping bolts and threading the anchors. The aim of the day is that by the end of the day you will be an independent sport climber. Previous climbing experience is required.

    2022 DATES- 7th May, 11th June and 2nd July  (special price- £65.00 per person)

    Intro to traditional climb in Swanage
    On this Swanage trad climbing course you will cover the basics of traditional climbing.  During the day you will cover topics such as using the guide book, abseiling, gear placements, belaying building and lead climbing. We recommend that you have done the Learn to sport climb course first or at least have indoor leading experience.
    This course is just a taster of trad climbing. Please contact us for a full bespoke learn to lead trad course.

    Dates- coming soon!

    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Swanage or Portland
    Group size: 1 to 6 people

    Dorset BMC ready to rock course

    These courses are ideal for novice climbing club members, students, parents and individuals who may have had the odd taster of climbing outdoors and wish to gain key safety skills at an excellent price. They may also be a good precursor for people contemplating the Single Pitch Award training. You should already know how to put on a harness and belay.

    A variety of topics will be covered during the day as well as offering a fun taster to outdoor climbing. Topics may include:

    Types of trad climbing equipment
    Placing good protection
    Building good belays
    Using guidebooks
    Seconding/top roping

    Dates-  New 2022 dates are 3rd April 2022, 1st May 2022, 5th June 2022, 3rd July, 2022, 7th Aug 2022 and 4th Sept 2022
    Cost: £60.00 per person
    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Swanage

    Dorset BMC outdoor trad youth course

    This is a one day outdoor trad climbing course for 11-17 year olds who are confidently leading on indoor climbing walls. As well as being a fun day out climbing the course will cover key safety skills for both the participant and the parent. This type of climbing is what is predominantly practiced on British crags.

    The courses are designed to give you a good taster to climbing outside and may cover topics such as:

    Types of trad climbing equipment
    Placing good protection
    Building good belays
    Differences between the wall and the crag
    Seconding and leading issues

    Please note that the course content will be adapted to match the ability of the paticipants on each course, with instructors teaching techniques appropriate to the age and experience of attending young people.

    Dates: New 2022 dates coming soon
    Cost: £80.00 per child and includes one parent.
    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Swanage

    Sea Cliff Self Rescue Course

    This course is a must do for any climber. You will put yourself and friends at risk, if you don’t have the skills and knowledge taugh on this course.

    This course is designed with sea cliff climbing in mind. If you have climbed any sea cliff that you have to abseil in and climb out of, then this is the course for you. At the end of this course you will have a good basic understanding on what to do if things don’t go your way on a route next to the sea.

    Ascending a rope safely
    Descending ropes safely
    Abseiling with an injured climber
    Assisted pulleys
    Tying off belays plates
    Lowering past a knot

    Please email for a list of pre-requirements for this course.

    NEW 2022 DATES- 2nd April 2022, 4th June 2022 and 3rd Sept 2022
    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Swanage
    Group size: 1 to 6 people


    Performance Coaching

    Do you want to improve your climbing grade, or develop a specific area you wish to improve on? We can offer you a bespoke course which will help you to develop a broader range of climbing skills.

    The staff ratio is 1:4 to maximise learning.

    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Swanage or Portland
    Group size: 1 to 4 people

    Private Guiding

    Are you wanting to discover new climbing areas or routes? We can take you up some of the classic routes in the traditional areas of Dorset climbing such as Cattle Troughs and Boulder Ruckle. You will have the sole guidance of our highly experienced staff who will coach you on a climb of your choice.

    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Swanage or Portland
    Group size: 1 to 6 people

    Multi pitch sport climbing in Dorset

    Have you even wanted to head over seas for some multi pitch adventures?

    Are you interested in learning how to move efficiently on bigger sport routes. Do you know good practice when abseiling down a multi pitch route?

    Come a spend a day in Dorset going through some key points that will keep you safe in your climbing adventures in the future.

    To really benefit from the maximum learning it would be ideal that you can lead on an easy sport route and that can tie a clove hitch.

    Some topics that could be covered-
    Stance management
    Rope management
    Different Belaying skills for multi pitch climbing
    Practical Equipment for a multi pitch cliff Basic problem solving on a bigger cliff

    7hrs instructor time
    Location- Portland
    Group size: 1 to 4 people



    Group Sessions – POA

    The above activities are available for group sessions. These are ideal for school trips, team building, corporate entertaining, special occasion parties or Stag and Hen groups. Get in touch to create a package suitable for your need

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